Photographer, mostly.
Reading from the book of dooms
An image archetype that had stuck with me for years… influenced from Mark Smylie’s Artesia graphic novel, the Oracle as an image has a kind of power that I am constantly intrigued by.
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@_spookylittlegirl_ in summit park at sunset.  I have a photographic fascination with zentai.  Any model who can own it like this deserves to be taken out and shot. A lot!
#Geoectomy #Geoectomyphotography #EvaDestruction #Eva Destruction #summit park #zentai #sunset #Victoria #catsuit
Come to My Window
Come to my window
#manipulation #Geoectomy #Geoectomyphotography
Everyday Begins With an Act of Courage
Portraits of Depression
Full series to date can be found at:
Her Grace was not pleased
You might not know that I refer to my cat as Her Grace. An oblique reference to Robert Browning’s “My Last Duchess” . Today, her Grace felt she must be fed two hours prior to her usual time, and how dare the servant not attend to her.
#Robert Browning #Geoectomy #kittypix
Leg shoot
#legs #Geoectomy  #Geoectomyphotography #laurelpoimtinn #Randie

A Solicitation Regarding The Portraits of Depression series

By now, you’ve seen some of the images from the Portraits of Depression series. I am looking for models and quotes for future images. .

I invite you to share with me what depression has meant to you and how it has affected your life. The sentiments expressed can be positive or negative, personal or impersonal, statistical or emotional. There is no wrong or inappropriate commentary.

All replies will be treated with all possible confidentiality and no quote shall be attributed to you unless you specifically request it.  You can always comment anonymously, if you so desire.

Or You Die Trying
Portraits of Depression
Full series found at:
The Most Painful Loss
Portraits of Depression
Full series found at:
I Want to Overcome This
Portraits of Depression
Full series found at:
It’s Not Physical Loneliness
Portraits of Depression
Full series found at:
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