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Ophelia Submerged LIV

Anonymous asked: Do you plan on continuing your Ophelia series this summer, and do you have a favorite muse/models(s)?

My first anonymous question!  Yay me!

The series has slowed down, as I’ve moved away from the coast.  But I’ll be revisiting it.  I’m still far mroe enraptured with the theme than I’d ever thought I’d become.   I still have a couple of outstanding things I want to add to my Ophelia list:  I want a black model, I want a redhead, I want a recognizable cosplay character, I want to edge further into the macabre side of it…

As for favorite models…  I’ve had a coupele of different muses:  Randie, Astra, Imogene.  But I’ve done more shoots with Imogenetic than anyone else.  She’s a costume-a-holic, has contributed on both sides of the lens, and has a “let’s play” attitude that works well with my own temperament. 

Currently, I’m remastering the images for publication in a book covering the first fifty-odd Ophelias.  But I don’t yet have a publication date.

Going quiet for a couple of day…

At least til we get back from Northwest Fan Fest

Cid, Lit by the Sunset
2010 after Anime Evolution
2010 - Assassin’s Creed
No-one is safe from the Assassin
Anime Evolution 2010
2009, Ophelia Submerged IX
Still Water & Fabric
From Ophelia Submerged XV
A Little Snack Before School?
Model: Hannah Kramer
Photographer: Geoectomy Photography
Misty Anna, Ophelia Submerged IV
Few others have come to define the series like Misty Anna’s initial contribution.
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